When you are shopping for framed art, be sure to ask about some of the issues mentioned here. It could save you the time, frustration and expense of return shipping.

We hear this story quite often. A customer purchases a framed sports print from us, then orders another print from another site thinking it is ours and then contacts us saying that they received an inferior product from another company and they returned it, reordering from us. We feel our customers should know the difference in our process which will give them a better quality product that will look good and hold its value for years to come. See testimonials from customers about our quality products and excellent service.

First we mount each print on a 3/16″ foam core board to prevent warping and rippling over time. We mat most prints in team colors, as fans want to proudly display their team colors and are often decorating whole rooms around these team prints. When you see one of our matted prints from a distance, there is no question what your favorite team is – the team color matting borders the print. Most companies use generic mats, i.e. all prints are matted the same in a generic blue, black or white.

Also unlike most competitive products, we use glass to protect your prints, not acrylic which can easily scratch when cleaning. Special solvents are needed for cleaning acrylic, which add to the expense and inconvenience. So when most people try to clean acrylic with glass cleaner, fine scratches caused from the glass cleaner create a hazy appearance to the acrylic. We feel glass is a much superior product and though it takes significantly more care in packaging and expense in shipping, it gives our customers a better quality finished product for years to come.

Rather than taping or stapling in the print from the back, we use metal framers points to hold in the print and glass. We also apply a paper backing “dust cover” to the wood frames, not leaving the raw wood exposed. All prints come with the appropriate hanging hardware, and our panoramic prints use a “wall buddy” system, letting you professionally hang straight and flat to the wall. Our prints can be easily removed from the box and hung on the wall – no trips to the hardware store!

We offer prints framed in your choice of 3 wood frames. Our wood frames are solid wood. Some framers use frames that have a wood look but are really polystyrene or moulded plastic, a less expensive alternative. You should know what the frame is so you know how to take care of it as well.

We have been doing custom picture framing for some 25 years and take great pride in our quality.