groomsmenYour best bros are there to support you on the most important day of your life.  And it’s customary, in return, to bestow them with a groomsmen gift.  Many of the choices you have will never actually get used by your buddy, ie a flask (how often do you need to sneak sips of whiskey?), key chains, money clip (maybe, but so typical), cuff links (huh?) or a wallet (yawn).  It is stressful trying to come up with just the right gift that’s useful, thoughtful and personal, something that will continue to be a remembrance of your appreciation for their support that special day.

Fortunately there are some really cool and unique gifts out there revolving around a guy’s favorite pastime – sports!  It is also probable that one or more of your groomsmen are, let’s say musically inclined or artistic and not into sports.  No problem…enter our versatile, hand-crafted walnut gift box to the rescue!  A great gift as is, or filled with some other personal items like a sleeve of golf balls, event tickets, casino chips, cigars for later, etc!



As far as the outside of the box, we will insert their favorite team or college alma mater logo under the clear glass top.  Later, this can easily be replaced with a 5″ x 7″ photo.  Alternatively, there is an option for the glass to be etched with the school logo, words or an image you supply.  An engraved brass plate is included on the front of the box.

I’m just going to list all the ways your groomsmen can use this felt lined box:

  • A butler for his dresser for change, pens, jewelry, pocket knife, phone, keys. No longer would he have to just dump out his pockets and risk losing things.
  • A handsome desk caddy to hold his pens, business cards, or office supplies that go missing.  Also a nice way to promote his favorite sports team or photo of perhaps his co-workers or family members.  He could probably even slip his golf score card into the top for office bragging rights.
  • The box is felt lined, but options for inside include foam insert for golf balls, championship rings or wooden dividers for organizing into compartments.
  • Personalize the brass plate with a unique message, his name or nickname, date, and/or place.
  • Destination wedding?  These come boxed and can easily be shipped or packed.


Insert for golf balls
Wooden divider option
Rings foam insert option


Father-of-the-Bride-006And don’t forget about gifts for the parents!  Show your love and appreciation by inserting a family photo or engagement photo under the glass and you have a great gift for them to display in their home or office.  We’ve even heard of brides and grooms giving their parents a post wedding get-away to relax and unwind.  Voila! The box becomes the gift container for their tickets and travel documents. It can become a family heirloom as the family grows, holding photos and memorabilia.  Again, the top photo can easily be swapped out at any time and updated.

Feel free to leave your comments with suggestions for more uses for these beautiful handcrafted boxes, Made in the USA!

Box 004